Office Blueprint


Phone booths and meeting pods

Research shows that 64% of office workers are interrupted up to 20 times a day. The modern open-plan office is great in many ways but it does not easily allow for staff to make confidential phone calls or to simply concentrate on a complex piece of work.

We offer a range of solutions to improve the office's acoustic environment. Sound-proof phone booths are designed to enable people to make Skype calls and other private calls, whilst also taking that distraction out of the open plan office. Framery phone booths, designed and manufactured in Finland, free up existing meeting spaces which people often utilise for private or confidential 'phone calls. We also offer work booths and high-back sofas for ad-hoc meetings; and meeting pods, which provide quick-to-assemble, flexible meeting spaces.

We can advise on, supply and install all the various options to help you achieve your individual business requirements. All this can be achieved with relatively inexpensive solutions and can be implemented very quickly.