We make offices a healthy, stress-free and inspiring place to work

We supply a complete package for the modern workplace, including height-adjustable desks and acoustic phone booths. But furniture is only part of what we do. We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations, design trends and technology which help improve productivity and wellbeing in the office. Our clients span a wide range of sectors, including finance, consulting, IT, hospitality, and education. No project is too big or too small for us, and we offer an honest, friendly and hassle-free service, from the initial consultation, to hoovering the last speck of dust.


We do the boring stuff

We have a wide range of suppliers, so we are not shoe-horning products into projects where they don't fit. Even if you already have a good idea about your requirements, you don’t want to spend your time chasing suppliers and taking care of tedious details.


Small enough to care

We are not a huge company with many layers, so we can provide a very personalised service. But we are big enough to have the right systems in place to keep things running smoothly.


Easy to deal with

We offer a hassle-free, painless experience, as we believe that's what people want. We think that’s why many of our clients keep coming back.


Not just about the furniture

We have a combined experience of over 30 years in furniture, office design and fit-out. We know that having a quiet space to make a phone call is as important as ensuring that your entire office reflects your brand image. No matter whether it’s a physical furniture piece that you need, or a solution to a problem you experience, we can help.


Passionate about what we do

Our staff are all here because they are really passionate about beautifully designed offices and furniture. And we are always in the loop with modern workplace trends and new technology transforming the office.


Conveniently located in London

Our London office is just a 5-minute walk from Waterloo Station. Here you can try out a range of workplace solutions, including acoustic phone booths, height-adjustable desks and soundproof meeting spaces.

We don’t charge for discussing your requirements. Get a no obligation consultation with us, and let us carry out a thorough analysis of your workspace.

1. Planning and Ideas

Fact finding, brainstorming and gathering of ideas with the client and/or architect or designer


2. Proposal

Proposal of our ideas and plans, including space plans and 2D/3D plans if required


3. Project Development

Approval of final project scheme, plans and finishes


4. Schedule of Works

Placing of orders with suppliers and coordinating production times


5. Delivery and Installation

Our on-site project management will work closely with our experienced installation team


6. Day 2

On-going support and aftercare, with optional product training

Whether you are starting with an empty shell or looking to give your current space a new lease of life, we can help you make your mark with your clients and your staff.

Workplace Consultancy

We can advise on effective solutions to common problems in the modern office and offer a suitable furniture configuration for your space to boost the productivity and wellbeing of your team.


Furniture Procurement

Our wide range of suppliers enables us to offer each client an optimal choice of products depending on their project. We always aim to provide you with the best value for money.


Framery UK Distribution

We have a range of cutting edge phone booths and acoustic meeting rooms that enable privacy and help reduce noise levels in open plan offices. By improving the acoustic environment, personnel have better concentration levels, hence leading to a more productive work force.


Office Design and Planning

We work with architects and designers to help you design and plan your space. Whether you are looking to add extra personnel into an existing space, or planning an entirely new office, we can ensure you utilise the space effectively to balance number of people with productivity and legal requirements.


Installation and Project Management

Our dedicated delivery and installation team enables us to offer you a complete package. And our project managers ensure that the process is as hassle free as possible.


Office Refurbishment and Facelift

You'll be amazed how even just a facelift to your office can transform it, providing a moral boost for staff and a fantastic new look for clients. Even if your budget is tight, we can advise on how to revitalise your space in a cost effective way.