Framery at Orgatec 2018

Framery at Orgatec 2018

Tuesday 13th November, 2018

What does the future of the office look like?

Take a look at our photos from this year’s Orgatec event. You’ll see impressive displays of acoustic phone booths, meeting pods, green walls & much more. The 2018’s Edition highlighted the interaction between the working environment and work culture. Orgatec takes place once every two years in Cologne and is a leading international trade fair for modern office and facilities. This year, the show ran from 23 to the 27 October under their memorable motto, “Creativity Works – New Visions of Work”. As always, all sides of the industry attended, including furnishings, lighting, acoustics & conferencing technology.The 5 days biannual event attracted more than 63,000 visitors from over 142 countries with 753 exhibitors – a 15% increase on 2016.

Below, we nominate our favourite designs and concepts that grabbed our attention the most.

Framery certainly had its place at this event with their forward-thinking concept of acoustic pods and meeting spaces. This year, they introduced two new exclusive settings to their Booths that favour concentration and productivity. From now, you can adjust the light while turning on/off the air conditioning and find the perfect balance.

Always improving their Booths by proposing innovative and healthy solutions for work environment, the Framery team appreciated great feedback from everyone that visited their stand to discuss about happy offices.

Capsule, the new cocoon by Casala

Casala, introduced one of their new products, Capsule, designed by Kateryna Sokolova in honour of 100 years of experience. Inspired by a cocoon, Capsule offers a designed solution to accommodate 1 to 3 people. It absorbs ambient noise to focus on concentration in office environment thanks to its oak wood and steel construction.

Casala has created a stylish solution guaranteeing security, comfort & innovation in large office spaces, to answer the increasing need of privacy. It becomes easy to have a phone call without being totally cut off from the surrounding.


Enjoy a healthy nap to be more effective at work

We have been also quite impressed with the Neuron Activation Pod – N.A.P designed by Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen. The company Neurostic created a giant and silent pod to have a healthy and revitalising nap in office environment.

Having a nap at work has always been considered inappropriate. However, many companies have recently noticed the benefits of it and have started to support it.

N.A.P is a stylish pod for the office of the future thanks to sensory tissue stimulation technology. It encourages concentration and productivity improvement throughout 3 programs from 10 to 41 minutes: relaxation, activating & recovery.

All you have to do is lay down in the pod, select the desired program and let the avant-guard stimulation technology happen.


Getting back nature in our work environment

The Finnish start-up Naava put their connected green wall in the spotlight.

As we spend most of our time indoors, reducing the amount toxic air seems to be a genuine, modern need. Consequently, Naava worked on an innovative solution to create a green wall air-purifier that actually works.

Naava have created a green wall combining the benefits of nature, future technology and Scandinavian design for indoor space to get back nature into our daily lives. It’s a biological air purifier, humidifier, living wall, space divider and whiteboard in all one.

The innovation is a system of active biofilters which magnify the air purification power of plants and create fresh, natural air indoors while also enhancing interior aesthetics through biophilia. The technology hidden in the plant itself contains a water tank and a lamp.

Naava is already available in The Nordics, USA, Canada and South Korea.  We’re looking forward to supplying UK customers with this clever Green Wall technology very soon!


The new collection of Alea Office

To enjoy a healthy environment, Alea Office gave introduction to F65, a free-standing wall solution. To create a sophisticated, flexible and friendly work space, they propose to customise your wall with acoustic panels, lighting, service modules and air conditioning system. In addition, we adored their new modular storage system collection called Lata. In nude tones, it will fit with the rest of Alea’s collections.