Framery Q wins IIDEX Canada Gold Innovation Award

Framery Q wins IIDEX Canada Gold Innovation Award

Monday 12th December, 2016

Framery Q, the soundproof meeting room for 2-4 users launched in February this year, has won the Gold Innovation Award at IIDEX Canada in Toronto. Organised by Interior Designers of Canada and Informa Canada, the IIDEX Innovation Awards were established in 1984 to celebrate the latest and most innovative product designs and creativity. The jury includes representatives from the design, media, and business communities.

“Framery Q was appreciated for its outstanding new product design. It was a show stopper where attendees were quick to explore the product, testing out its effectiveness and sharing their moments inside the meeting pod on social media,” said Ian Chodikoff, Director of Marketing and Programming at IIDEXCanada.

The Framery Q meeting pod was designed for open-plan offices, enabling employees to meet in privacy or focus on important tasks in silence. The acoustic meeting pod is perfect for making phone calls, holding small meetings, interviews and working on demanding tasks that require full concentration.

The single-person Framery O has also won several prestigious design awards in the past few years, including Best of NeoCon Gold Award in Chicago in June 2015 and Best In Show at IIDEX Canada 2015 Innovation Awards.

Framery has supplied its products to 44 countries to this day. Their clients worldwide include some of the world’s largest brands such as Uber, Microsoft, PWC and Deloitte.