N.A.P. – Testimonials

N.A.P. – Testimonials

Thursday 14th February, 2019

After our blog post about  N.A.P. from LoOok Industries highlighting its benefits and technology,  we’re delighted to present you some great testimonials from people who experienced N.A.P.


As a quick reminder, see below the four main key effects and benefits from this pod:

  1. Sleep quality
  2. Pain alleviation
  3. Stress relieving
  4. Recovery


During my first treatment, I fell asleep in the chair

 “I have suffered from severe sleep problems almost my whole life. Sleep problems began in adulthood, and they peaked at the end of my active career. At my worst, I was only able to sleep an hour in a night. In the midst of those toughest times, I had to take 5-10 tablets in the evening to get some kind of rest. During my first treatment, I fell asleep in the chair right away. This happened during the daytime – I can’t recall a time where this had ever happened to me previously. I most definitely recommend this product to anyone who has any kind of chronic sleep problem or has suffered from bad sleep for a long period of time.”

Mikko Heino, Former cyclist


The holistic Neurosonic effect

“In my business life, I’m often very busy. Sometimes there have been phases when I basically didn’t get any sleep. On a friend’s recommendation, I went to Neurosonic testing. I could not believe it to be true that I would be able to relax in that situation. After the first treatment, I felt fully recovered. While using Neurosonic, I have experienced that when your sleep quality improves, many other things improve as well. There’s nothing that could make me stop using my Neurosonic bed.”

Anne Kukkohovi

I woke up in life again

“I can recommend Neurosonic and their treatments for all who suffer from pain and insomnia, and also for care professionals to supplement other types of treatments. I woke up in life again because of this treatment – everyone with chronic pain knows what this means for me. I can work, and I can even exercise now. The help I got from this means a lot to me.”

Mirka Laukkanen


Neurosonic, where did you take my pain?

“The first time I threw myself onto the mattress, I had laid there for about four minutes when I started crying. Even today I do not know why this happened. My whole body made these small movements you sometime have just before you fall asleep. There was no pain, and muscle by muscle I felt the pains give up, and my body finally relaxed. Earlier, I was taking at least 14 different drugs each day, some of them being opiates. After I had used the mattress for two weeks, one beautiful day I found myself thinking that I’m not in so much pain today, and that maybe I should try to leave the medicines out. And that day, I stopped taking the medicines. ALL of them.”

Heidi Perkonmäki

Recovering from a severe horse riding accident


You will notice clearly that Neurosonic works

“I have noticed that when stress levels rise high and I have an otherwise bad day, a little break to use my Neurosonic device clearly improves my wellbeing. From that state it is then easier to continue the day. I am very active in a large variety of different sports activities, and I dare to say that the product is very significant in sports recovery.”

Janne Anttila

CEO, Eximia Business Intelligence


It has been a pleasure to see how we can improve our customers’overall well-being.

“One of my customer’s stories I remember well. She suffered from anxiety related to falling asleep caused by stress-induced insomnia. It was impossible for her to settle for sleep without a medication, even though stress in life had already eased. After the first treatment sessions, the woman first reported how her muscle tensions had slackened. Soon after this, her general mood had relaxed, and on the seventh day of treatment, she had fallen asleep for an entire week without any medication.”

Jonna Vanhala

Pharmacy Oulu III Hansa


Neurosonic enhances athletes’ recovery and sleep quality

I have used the product myself for three years now, and I use it virtually every day – usually after a workout, or, if I train twice, in between workouts. I bought the device for myself to speed up my workout recovery, but it also significantly improves my sleep quality. The device has definitely been worth every dollar I spent to purchase it.

Sami Sundvik

Over 20 years of fitness gymnastics

An incredible way to recover from stress

“I heard about Neurosonic from my manager who suggested that I try the chair. I did not believe any sales speeches about the method, and I thought it would not be helpful. The chair looked just like a regular massage chair. I decided to watch television during the treatment, but that didn’t work out after all. It is quite unbelievable how the treatment relaxes and makes your body recover. I have some old sports injuries in my back, and I have in the past often visited a chiropractor. My chiropractor has also noticed the effects of Neurosonic. He has pointed out that I am currently visiting less frequently.”

Sami Seliö

The double World Champion of F1 boats


Nice to get your body awake for hard exercices

“I have been very pleased with the Neurosonic mattress. The initial reason I started using it was to recover from overtraining. The most obvious effect I then noticed was the improved sleep quality. Nowadays, I use the mattress, above all, to help my body to recover, but also to activate my body before training. Especially before a morning workout, it’s nice to have your body well awake and ready for hard exercises!”

Nooralotta Neziri

The Finnish Champion 2012-2016, Hurdles