Naava takes care of the air you breathe indoors

Naava takes care of the air you breathe indoors

Friday 8th March, 2019

The Finnish Company Naava aims to reconnect humanity with nature through their Smart & Active Green Walls. Their goal is to make a positive change by creating healthier and happier workplaces.

Most of people live in cities, isolated from nature. Breathing sterilised, manmade air, a thousand times in an hour. This is actually one of the biggest environmental health risks of our generation according to the World Health Organisation. Naava combines biophilia & technology. One soil-free Naava wall can purify up to 60sq. meters of indoor air Рthe equivalent of having approximately 6,000 potted plants in the same space.

Naava walls present some key benefits for our wellbeing:

  • Naturalises indoor air
  • Reduces harmful chemicals
  • Optimises humidity
  • Illness is reduced
  • Fatigue is halted
  • Cognitive performance is improved


“Right now, pure indoor air is a privilege only a few can enjoy”¬†



If you’re interested in Naava Green Wall, please get in touch.