N.A.P. – How does it work?

N.A.P. – How does it work?

Wednesday 13th February, 2019

Few months ago, we introduced new products to our portfolio including N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod from LoOok Industries. This pod uses Neurosonic technology  to increase your wellbeing – including your sleep quality, migraine problems, stress relief & many more.

How does it work exactly? What’s the Neurosonic technology?


Nature-based mechanism

Neurosonic built-in elements transmit very low-frequency (20-100 Hz) vibration to the body. As a natural mechanism, vibration affects your body calmly via the autonomic nervous system and the mind.

Neurosonics is wirelessly controlled by an easy to-use mobile application that lets you choose the program for relaxation, activation, or recovery. There is something for everyone in the comprehensive program selection.


”What does a zebra do when it has managed to escape the lion? It shakes itself. The purpose of this natural mechanism is to calm and relieve the stress reaction. Neurosonic produces this same natural effect – and thus takes relaxation and recovery to a completely new level. ”

Marco Kärkkäinen – Neurosonic Founder, Psychotherapist


Neurosonic Relaxes and Recovers

Neurosonic automatically affects the human’s natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms. When your mind is already full, it is difficult to find the mental capacity to help relieve the stress from your hectic life. Our technology guides the human body and mind mechanically to a meditation-like state that cares for and prevents stress-related symptoms. Sleep mechanisms are restored, and at the same time, many other things in the body and mind are corrected.


Four keys effects on the human body

1.Sleep quality:

Neurosonic has a calming effect on the human body, the autonomic nervous system, and the mind. The production of stress hormones is reduced, and sleep mechanisms are restored. You calm down and fall asleep more easily. Nightly awakenings decrease, and sleep becomes more restful and effective at recovery.

2.Pain alleviation

Our technology strongly influences the autonomic nervous system, which helps the body to heal itself. The neural network calms down, lymphatic circulation becomes more active, and pain alleviates. Your body feels more relaxed, and sleep mechanisms return to a more normal state, which causes many other things in the body and mind to be corrected.

3.Stress relieving

Neurosonic has a stabilising effect on the autonomic nervous system, especially in sympathetic action. Positive changes are taking place in the neurotransmitter action, and the neural pathways in the alarm state calm down. Stressed people are able to fall asleep more easily, and at night, the wake-ups that are being monitored are reduced or completely gone.


Neurosonic relaxes your body effectively. The neurotic effect that enhances recovery is based on balancing the autonomic nervous system. At the same time, muscle circulation and metabolic restoration are restored at a faster pace.