Naava One Slim – Financing

Naava One Slim – Financing


Naava One Slim's streamlined design enables it to to be placed in narrower spaces and creates an impression of greenery growing out of the wall. Naava One Slim is secured to a wall and can be integrated as a part of the surrounding space.
Thanks to its slim profile, it is suitable for conference rooms and busy spaces, such as cafés. In terms of depth, it takes up almost no room at all, which enables active use of the space and ensures that the effects of fresh air reach as many people as possible.
Available in White or Graphite Black.

You don’t have to use cash or bank loans to fund your office refurb or equipment project!
Leasing is a tax-efficient and cost-effective method of achieving your ideal workspace whilst retaining cash in your business. It’s a very established form of finance for other business assets (eg company vehicles), but the benefits apply equally to commercial interior projects.

Using a lease finance solution means you can move ahead with projects straight away without having to wait for capital to become available, and we can often include soft costs such as service and installation.

With leasing, you could pay as little as £330.13* + VAT per month over 2 years for a Naava One.
If this is the right deal for you and your business, get in touch and we will do the rest. For corporate bodies only.

*First 12 months service charge included. Monthly cost to follow thereafter.